A List of : Assata Shakur(?) posters

erasure by omission

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p on swing
what about edward gorey

what about gardens . what about names . what about clothes without pockets

what about the little finger . what about quotes . what about book covers

what about water bottles . what about names with two syllables . what about twins
what about the chair . what about queen and king-sized beds . what about trees
what about photographs
what about monographs
what about microscopes
what about the seconds hand . what about 12 o’clock . what about mirrors
what about fabric and textile . what about notebook . what about blinking light
what about Maxim Gorky
what about two times two . what about chocolate . what about colouring books
what about fill-in-the-blanks . what about circles . what about the index finger
what about wire . what about radio
what about font
what about sundown . what about bath . what about horror films
what about windows . what about columns and rows . what about shadow
what about gobo . what about ‘many moons ago’ . what about mango
what about pulleys and levers
what about curtains . what about holes
what about brown

“super rude ashoka already homage Erika” (or, honest YouTube subtitles)


गाना – Title: दिल के झरोखे में तुझको बिठाकर – I’ll make you sit in the window of my heart
चित्रपट – Film: ब्रह्मचारी – Bramhachari
संगीतकार – Music Director: शंकर – जयकिशन – Shankar Jaikishan
गीतकार – Lyricist: हसरत – Hasrat
गायक – Singer(s): मोहम्मद रफ़ी – Mohammad Rafi
नायक, नायिका, खलनायक – Actor(s): शम्मी कपूर, राजश्री, प्राण – Shammi Kapoor, Rajshree, Pran

उपशीर्षक – Subtitles: अंग्रेगी स्व उत्पन्न – English Auto Generated


1 dil ke2 dil ke3 dil ke5 dil ke6 dil ke7 dil ke

*song starts8 a dil ke8 b dil ke8 dil ke9 dil ke10 dil ke11 dil ke12 dil ke13 dil ke14 dil ke15 dil ke16 dil ke17 dil ke18 dil ke19 dil ke20 dil ke

*end of song21 dil ke


Kathakali- traditional dance-drama, Kerala,India

Achan- father(Malayalam)

Veshakaran- performer

vesham- character/costume

pacha- colour green or noble/good characters in Kathakali

kari- colour black or the villains(female) in Kathakali

kathi- villainous character(male) in Kathakali

minukku- noble/good women in Kathakali

lalita- demoness transformed into a noble woman in Kathakali

chenda- percussion instrument

kali- performance

padam- script/play

Nila- river, Kerala

Poothana- demoness,Hindu mythology

Simhika- demoness, appears in a Kathakali padam as part of Hindu myth

Draupadi- wife of the five Pandavas, Hindu mythology

Kalamandalam- Kerala Kalamandalam, university for performance arts,Kerala



The learnings from the doings and the happenings is that the one under most will not find the words the language commas and hypens sounds and graphics most accurate to describe the goings on and happenings down below because language of the ahs and the ohs and the ows are that of the one atop most often

Words must be invented anew and that of the Shakespearean soon forgot

What city is this?


What is a city?


Where are the people?


Where is the green, the blue and the brown?


What grows here?


What plagues the people here?


What walls are these?