brown-study is not the smartest condition for capitalists to be in. Communists prefer the colour red.

is a blog independently run by a collective of writers.

Two of us do a lot of the writing and are the only ones who know who’s written what. You may try various means to guess. Small treats, easy bribes are not a bad idea.

It is anonymous, and we hope it remains that way- invented names are also welcome.

brown-study is a space for stories told several ways. one may also choose to simply listen to one. one may also choose to live in another’s story.

please use brown-study to fall into one of your own, write a story, a happenstance, a joke. we like riddles too. we have space for videos and podcasts, but are bad at making them. you can lay claim to that space.

wedding celebrations may continue even as the bride is in brown-study. The groom may be adequately alert


crow’s feet has stories told in a storylike way. oF, has a way of telling stories that aren’t quite stories. odd word out has stories that don’t tell stories in a storylike way. you’ll see.

we have always invited people to write, when the blog was scoldsbridle. it would be a welcome break if you feel inspired enough to write uninvited. we’ll share the username and password with you. we won’t edit it or read it before you post it . open house for mangoes.

write in a language other than english and we’ll share a recipe for pazha manga curry.

you might also see a website sprouting soon, watch this space for updates. we fancied a bigger space for telling stories in more ways.

carry a raincoat if in brown-study. it may be raining.

we need help with the design of this blog and that website. please let us know if you can help. strong coffee is the house specialty.


write to us :


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